What Beyoncé Wore: Some of Beyoncé’s Hottest Outfits and Where to Get Them

This betch needs no introduction. Beyoncé is the poo, now take a big whiff. But really, it's a wild thought that you could actually wear the same clothes the queen wears. It's a hard idea to grasp, so while you read this post detailing all of her outfits and all things similar, remember you too could take really chic instas in her outfits, in 5-10 business days. 

Topshop White Crochet Front Crop Top, Topshop White Crochet Hem Shorts, Wildfox Crybaby Deluxe Sunglasses, Giuseppe Zanotti Design Strappy Sandals

This is Bey decked out for Easter and while Easter has passed and the Topshop pieces are no longer available, I'm sure you can recreate this lacy prairie situation for say, Father's Day with your fashionable scrappiness and our help obv. 


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Mary Katrantzou Blue Floral Print Dress, Manolo Blahnik Carolyne Suede Pumps

Beyoncé is so fancay and feminine here I can't. We can only aspire to look like this in heels shorter than 4 inches. 

Here's how to look just as fancay: 


BLK DNM Leather Ribbed Knee Trousers, Underground Apollo Double Sole White Patent Leather Shoes

Well this is some ghetto fab shit. I mean I haven't been in braids like this since I came back from Aruba in the 8th grade (I was slightly more tan) but I don't think that this outfit is THAT hard to pull off. Just put on your most hard core resting betch face and leave the rest to the outfit. Maybe skip the weave. 



Burberry Bonded Suede Shell Coat, Burberry Twist Detail Crepe Skirt, Burberry Silk Organza Shirt

Beyoncé in all Burberry, redefining THIS



Kenzo Tiger Sweatshirt, Top Shop Felt Tip Skirt

We obviously saved the best for last. Nothing says chic like dragon raping a lion on a skateboard a tiger eating a label over Paris.  


Have celebs in mind who you want us to cover? Let us know in the comments. Duh. 


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