Warning: WEN Conditioner Might Make Your Hair Fall Out

When it comes to hair care, I have — and will — try anything once. That includes a “bull semen” mask I once sought out in the UK. (Google it.) But there’s one fucked up hair product I’ve continuously refused to try (yes, more fucked up than bull semen). Wen by Chaz Dean. 

^^^ Chaz Dean, everyone. (As you can see — despite his name and also very gay appearance — he is not the president of Sigma Alpha Epsilon at your alma mater.)

Thankfully, I’ve been right to avoid anyone named Chaz/this BS product because now there’s a class-action lawsuit against both of their terribleness. The dumb asses who used Wen are claiming that it causes baldness, and I’m already like dad, don’t you hop on this bandwagon. 

No one really knows what’s been causing this series of unfortunate events, other than certain people being sensitive to the chemical reactions in the product, but Wen (and Chaz) are not about to back down. “There’s no scientific evidence” blah blah blah, “all unrelated to Wen” blah blah blah, and “we will contest the allegations” blah blah blah, are all examples of these assholes defending their obviously awful product.

Honestly though, all 200 people kind of deserve it. Everyone knows that unless you want to acquire HPV and a serious coke problem, you never (and I mean never, not even if he offers you “Jungle Juice”) trust a Chaz. 


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