Wells Drunk Snapchatted This Week’s ‘Bachelorette’, Same

If you can’t remember who Wells is from this season of The Bachelorette, he’s the one that was super bad at being a fireman early on and then got super friend-zoned and sent home after being the last to kiss JoJo. That’s not to say Wells wasn’t a homie. He was actually pretty cute and endearing in a best-friend-who-you’d-marry-if-you-never-find-your-soul-mate kind of way.

Anyway, Wells further proves he can totally sit with us after uploading his entire drunken snap story from this week’s hometown dates.

He starts by letting us know he’s going to get drunk and make fun of the whole show all night. K, we can relate.

Then he asks the serious questions.

Chase totally needs a banister. He’s one drunken night away from ruining that pretty-yet-boring face of his after taking a huge nose dive off the top of his stairs.

And yeah, Jordan’s high school football coach couldn’t be bothered to be in his office? Maybe he’s #TeamAaron!

Anyway, after his recap that’s, quite frankly, worthy of a Betches byline at this point, you can see Wells get drunker and drunker. It’s pretty cute, and, TBH, I kind of wish I could cuddle up to him and get drunk while we watch together. Awwwww.

Can we nominate him to be the next/betchiest Bachelor? Someone come up with a clever hashtag to make that happen STAT. 


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