Get Your Resumes Ready, Cannabis Sommelier Is Now An Official Job Title

When people ask me what my dream job is, I’m probs gonna say something to do with food. Not something povo like a line cook, but like beer historians, wine makers, cheesemongers, fucking food critics, etc. The list is damn near endless. Well now there’s a new one to add to the list: cannabis sommelier. That’s right, stoner betches. You can now get paid to pair different kinds of weed with food. Holy shit that’s a fantastic idea.

I'm brilliant shh

This Denver pothead entrepreneur started this catering company that prepares meal and weed pairings that change from client to client. He talks about wanting us all to slow down and focus on tastes and textures and a bunch of other shit a philosophical stoner would say. So what does this experience cost? A standard three-course meal goes for $1,250, while a full-service wedding (with a bud bar, btw) goes for about 10K. Seems a little excessive if you ask me. I can personally vouch for the fact that spicy Cheetos and Papa John’s go perfectly with all kinds of cannabis.

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