Disappointing News: Weed Vodka Won’t Get You High

Humboldt Distillery has come out with the betchiest drink to hit markets since some brilliant alcoholic thought to mix vodka and soda: weed-infused vodka.  Located in northern California—because obviously some Californian stoner decided to mix our two favorite pastimes—the distillery infused one of its most popular vodkas with the world’s favorite drug.  Apparently customers were craving some of the “local flavor”, but considering that’s pretty illegal, this vodka only contains about “.3% on a dry weight basis”.  In other words, it won’t get you high. The geniuses over at Humboldt Distillery do recommend using it to replace gin in all of your favorite drinks, and while it might not give you the munchies, you’ll definitely get the drunchies; Humboldt’s Finest contains 40% pure alcohol—just the way we like it.  Karen Walker would be pleased.


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