Why the Fuck is This Website Selling Used Makeup?

The scum of our capitalist economy (second hand shops) have now infiltrated the world of beauty. Though it seems a nice gesture for poor people to be able to buy high-end products and sell things they couldn't afford in the first place, my gut reaction is telling me that this is gross and wrong.

But I decided to do some research, in the unlikely event that I'm wrong. According to an interview I glanced at in Business Insider (lol, who actually reads that?), the founder of Glambot has assured us that all the products they sell have been “cleaned and sanitized.” That’s fine, Glambot, but what’s your point? Sorry to throw you under the bus, but I’m just not seeing your end-game here.

If people really want to buy discounted makeup they can look to sites like E-bay or just be regular humans and save for something or even go the drugstore route (not recommended though). There’s also always hell on earth (Marshalls, T.J. Maxx, etc) that sometimes sell higher-end makeup at discount prices.

I guess if someone bought the wrong shade or received some hideous eyeshadow color as a gift and didn’t touch anything it would be fine to sell it back, but the problem is that I can’t really trust anything that was once in the hands of a plebe who may or may not have had pink eye or syphilis. Anyway, I def won’t be using this site but the jury’s still out to see if it will be successful.


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