How To Wear A Beanie And Still Look Cute

It fucking sucks when it’s cold out. If you have hair on your head, you totally get the struggle of having to find a balance of looking flawless while maintaining your body temperature during the winter. Most of the time, this involves wearing accessories like scarves, gloves, headbands and beanies.

Beanies might seem like a scary and unyielding accessory because they pose the threat of ruining your ‘do. It’s cool though, because I’ve made an easy-to-follow guide revolving around wearing beanies. You’re welcome.

1. First of all, reserve beanies for casual events, like running to the nail salon or picking up your dry-cleaning. DO NOT wear a freaking beanie to your office holiday party.

2. When choosing a beanie, consider the outfit you’ll be pairing it with. Neutral colors are best – never wear an obnoxiously bright beanie, or a beanie with a pattern. You are not 5. It’s about finding a balance between “I have to wear this to stay warm” and “I want to wear this because I look awesome in it.”

3. Never, ever wear a beanie with cat ears. They aren’t cute or sexy or different, you just look like a weirdo. 

4. Always wear a beanie at the start of your hairline. Don’t let it rest in the middle of your forehead like some emo-middle-schooler. You’re better than that.

5. Your hair matters when you wear a beanie. Pair the look with perfectly side-swept hair as a flawless way to say “I don’t care about my look” while actually really caring about your look. Create loose flowing locks with a 2-inch curling iron. Tousle, then use bobby pins to lock your look down while you’re running around.

Whether it’s slouchy or structured, once you’ve committed to wearing a beanie, don’t take it off, because your hair will be completely frazzled and you’ll ruin your entire look. Use this Mini Beanie Bible when you’re pulling your winter look together! 


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