We Need To Talk About Ke$ha

Two days ago Buzzfeed posted an article with a very simple premise: Everyone Needs To Be Talking About Kesha. And just like that time they posted that list of Tired Cats That Are Literally You During Finals Week, Buzzfeed was right.

Because betches, our girl Kesha is in trouble. Kesha was there for us when some fuccboi wasn’t answering our texts but then Die Young came on and somehow by the end of the song we’re going home with a finance bro who has his own apartment in Chelsea. Kesha was there for us when we didn’t know what to be for Halloween but then we threw some glitter on our faces grabbed a bottle of Jack and a toothbrush and by the end of the night we’re going home with some finance bro who has his own apartment in Chelsea. Ke$ha got us into those apartments in Chelsea, and Kesha needs our help.

So here’s the deal – you know how every party you go to has been missing something? You know how every year it feels like your NYE playlist is one jam short of perfection? Well that’s because for the last three years, Kesha has been embroiled in a legal shit storm that is preventing her from putting out any new music unless she does so with some producer named Dr. Luke who is apparently famous but I’ve never hear of him.

You’re probably asking, “Why doesn’t Kesha just work with this apparently famous Dr. Luke guy? We can’t go another summer without a Song of the Summer!”

Because according to a lawsuit Kesha fild against her label last October, he sexually assaulted her. The lawsuit claims (according to Buzzfeed News) that Dr. Luke is accused of “sexual assault, battery and sexual harassment.” She also accuses Dr. Luke of verbal and physical abuse, that he drugged and raped her, and, last but not least “called her a fat fucking refrigerator.”

So yeah, Kesha doesn’t want to work with that guy anymore.

But her label will not release her contractual obligation to work with him, and Dr. Luke has since a countersuit for breach of contract and defamation, leaving our girl Ke$ha without a pot to piss in and wanting “nothing more than to record her new album.”

Kesha was supposed to have her day in court on January 26th, but the date has now been moved to February 19th meaning we have been deprived for yet another month of our precious Kesha jams. It’s unacceptable.

So what can you do? Well, idk if there’s anything you can do do (unless you’re like, the judge in which case – congrats on finding betches! Please let Kesha make music with someone who didn’t sexually assault her!) but there is a hashtag! Use the hashtag #FreeKesha to tweet support to her (and given the fact that she can’t work on her album might now she might really be checking her mentions!) or if you’re like, super fired up about this and live in the NY area you can join the fan rally outside New York State Supreme Court on February 19th and see the decision in real time.

I will probably not do that because I have a nap to take but I will watch this video of Kesha singing Amazing Grace because she’s not allowed to perform any of her music every day until she has been freed.



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