We Found This Crazy Japanese Tool To Stop Boob Sag

Betches take care of themselves. Manis, pedis, facials, #168 SoulCycle, palm reading, we are up for anything as long as it will make us even more perfect versions of ourselves. But since most of us are under age 30, there is one aspect of our bodies that you probs haven’t thought about being an issue—your boobs.

But think about it, how many members of the saggy titty committee have you seen at the beach this year? Probs more than you would prefer. And trust me, it is even worse in other parts of the world; on those topless beaches in France (i.e. on all beaches in France), the saggy titties club has a very active membership.

But have no fear, the Japanese are here! We found a hilariously creepy solution to boob sag—this crazy boob rake shaped like a hand.
I don’t know if it works, it most likely doesn’t, but is anyone else curious as to what it would feel like to rake your boobs with a big pink claw? I’m game for some “boob gymnastics.”


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