We Did A Social Media Cleanse And Here’s How It Went

Last week we successfully participated in the #SelfieSocialCleanse, and we have one word for you: TORTURE. We went 24 hours on September 16th without using our phones and just kidding, we actually have two more words for you: never again.

The first hour or two wasn't SO bad as we felt super Zen and cleansed. It was kind of nice to have a legit excuse to ignore our moms and like, actually be able to walk around outside while looking straight ahead without accidentally bumping into people.

We also have to say that not being able to text wasn't even the worst part. However it was serious FOMO to wonder all day what we were missing on Instagram. How were we supposed to know what our 600 closest friends and celebrities were up to? Let's just say that at the end of the day we scrolled through our feed with the excitement of an expectant mother opening up baby gifts.

So betches, how did your cleanse experience go? We know it was rough, but on the bright side, at least we know what withdrawal feels like without having to like, actually be a drug addict.

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