Wavy: Betchy Linguistics

Wavy started when the bros in our lives started saying it. Especially those who wish they had the abs of a surfer bro who actually catches waves. Drinking beer and talking about how excited you are for March Madness isn’t wavy, but the word has really been catching on.

Especially when betches realized there’s a wave emoji that can be used to answer texts you really don't give a shit about. Your bestie texts you about how she’s giving up blacking out for Lent. That’s going to happen right after she stops hooking up with that backburner bro (aka never). Your response is just the wave and she thinks you’re sooo supportive.

Wavy can be used as the adjective for many things in a betch’s life. Here are some examples:

Last night was wavy. Not only did he pay for the Uber ride home, but he also said the weed was on him. And the red velvet cupcakes in his fridge. Generous bros are the best bros.”

“My boss has been acting wavy lately. She doesn’t even look twice when I walk into the office with last night’s makeup on and when I order lunch at like 10:30 AM she doesn’t give me the evil eye like she used to.”

“That’s wavy.” You be the judge of how this one is taken. If you’re questioning if it’s wavy or not – it’s definitely not wavy. Reconsider because using wavy when it’s not actually worthy enough is like trying to make fetch happen.

Other variations include: “Oh that’s the wave” or  “Woah wave.” The effect of these phrases is amplified ten fold when the setting you’re in includes really blacked out and/or stoned betches. You’re all sitting around passing the bong and just can’t get over how wavy something that just happened was. If you were 100% sober (not often) it probably wouldn’t generate any kind of reaction, but shit gets wavy after a certain point in the night.

Keep in mind “wavy” should be used in moderation and never to describe underwhelming happenings. Once you start using the word in every other sentence, you’re ruining a good thing just like the girl who ruined high waisted when she let herself go and stopped doing crunches. Don’t be that girl or that bro who puts up a picture of a wave in his apartment and claims that everything in his life is “wavy.”


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