Watch A Starbucks Employee Lose Her Shit Over A Cookie Straw

A betch's day rests on her Starbucks drink being made perfectly. A sweetened iced coffee or a foamy latte can make or break the entire day. That's why we purposefully smile at the barista, so she doesn't fuck up our beverage. I accept my name being spelled incorrectly just so that my skinny vanilla latte is in fact made skinny.

Well, some woman was obvi a Starbucks virgin and didn't understand the proper protocol. She ordered her frappucino with a cookie straw and went to take said cookie straw, but the barista didn't understand and thought she was trying to steal it. The barista freaked the fuck out and wouldn't let the woman pay. She started screaming, “You will not be served here” which is the Starbucks version of “You shall not pass.” First of all, homegirl was legit about to drink 700 calories, so this isn't really a loss. Second of all, those cookie straws cost approx $1.50 so I doubt she was actually trying to steal it.

The barista launched into an epic rant that rivals the group chat drama during prom season. Please watch this woman lose her mind and her job. At least your Monday wasn't this bad.


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