Wacka Flocka Will Pay You $50k to Roll His Blunts

Wacka Flocka announced yesterday that he is looking to fill a pretty crucial roll in his entourage. Namely, that he is prepared to offer a full year's salary to anyone who can handle the literally enormous task of providing him with fresh, hand-rolled blunts for every occasion. The job will pay $50k annually, which makes sense since according to the internet that is about what your average personal trainer makes. No word yet on if what type of health coverage Flocka will be providing, but I've heard Snoop's dude gets dental and vision plus two weeks paid vacation.

You can apply for this one in a lifetime opportunity by sending in a rolling sample to instagram using the hashtag #ICanRoll and if somebody on the Flocka team likes your stuff then I imagine they'll hit you up on LinkedIn for a resume and cover letter. I'm sure it also couldn't hurt to have a few references so make sure you get in touch with your Freshman roommate to let them know they might be contacted.  

Who says you can't use what you learned in college to get a job?




Source: RYOT


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