WTF Is Up With VSCO Accounts?

If you have a tween cousin or younger sister or a friend with a younger sister, chances are you’ve seen their Instagram info, and you’ve seen that it’s a VSCO link.

What is the VSCO link? Actually, what is VSCO? Who knows. It seems to be some hipster photography website / app, the purpose of which cannot be distilled. Think Flickr x Instagram.

Either way the Instagram info VSCO link takes you from one edited photo feed to another, different edited photo feed and WTF I’m so confused. Stop doing things, youth. It’s annoying.

I’m just left wondering what happened?! Like where has this generation gone? MySpace was a thing then it became Facebook and who the fuck cares about Facebook now since it’s split into Twitter and Instagram and IN COMES Snapchat and YikYak and now VSCO is squatting in Insta? I’m so confused, but I also don’t really care that much? It’s this weird mystified indifference? I’ll call it maturity.

However I will say this: nested photo feeds is confusing and stupid AF. It’s stressful enough to determine whether to post something to Facebook vs. Instagram, I don’t need another feed to manage, and neither do you, fourteen year olds everywhere. Get your shit together.


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