Vogue Says Static-y Hair is “In”

Even though it could reach 70 degrees in Boston today, it is actually November. And on days other than today, that typically means sweaters and scarves, which also usually lead to static. As annoying AF as static-y hair is, Vogue says we should just let it be. Rather than deep conditioner our hair, put moisturizer on our necks or dampen our brushes, we should just let the static do it’s thing and make our hair look like we just got an electric shock.

I know the whole messy hair thing is very Karlie-kloss-getting-starbucks-with-T-Swift-chic, but the truth is static does not make your hair stand on end like the geniuses at Vogue are trying to convince us. The truest symptom of static is hair that is clinging onto your sweater. Honestly, salt spray and static do not produce the same results.

So Vogue, I’m sorry but static is not as electric of a look as you claim.


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