Hipsters Can Drink Vodka Made From Fog Now

A vodka company in California found a way to distill vodka from fog. Yeah, like as in the mist that blows through Taylor Swift’s hair as she rides away on her (probably) white stallion. Apparently this is in efforts to save water, because California’s in a drought still. In case we all forgot, which tbh we almost did.

The distillery uses a magic spell, I mean, an enchanted fog catcher to catch the water from fog and collect it. Apparently it tastes pretty good, and if you’re curious you can buy it for $125 a bottle. Proceeds go to support the water crisis. So if you’re looking for a drunk way to support California’s drought, this might be a good option.

As good as it tastes, it’s still vodka and unless you’re Russian or you ran out of wine, you’re still not going to sip on it like it’s juice. Whiskey made from fairy dust though, we’d be into that. Have fun adding fog spirits to your wedding ideas Pinterest board, everyone.


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