Vladimir Putin Is Already Working On His Summer 2016 Body

Vladimir Putin is the President of Russia and likes to fuck with President Obama (see: Syria and Ukraine). He's also a regulation hottie. Pretty much every year, Vlad stages some media stunt to increase his approval rating – kind of like how Kate Middleton wears a dress and it immediately sells out.

This year, Vlad decided to bro-out with his Prime Minister Medvedev, because nothing says that you're a qualified politician like setting a new personal record dead-lift. They Instagrammed some pics of them working out at Putin's private gym in Sochi (ever heard of it?). In some photos they're lifting weights, in others they're drinking tea, and they haven't gotten around to posting ones of them grilling (Medvedev couldn't decide on a filter).

I can't wait until they start doing Crossfit together.


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