The Vive App Is The Best Thing For Your Blowout Addiction

It’s time to discuss a certain app that we’ve been into for a while now, but now that we’re dealing with sweaty summer hair situations, we need it more than ever. We’ve discovered the solution to all your hair maintenance issues, and it’s the on-demand beauty app Vive. (V is for v life changing).

Are you the betch who just like, cannot be bothered to wash and dry your own hair post-SoulCycle? The answer is here. You can now have a blowout booked within .5 miles of your location in the amount of clicks it takes to book an Uber. Replace a passenger seat with a salon chair and you have Vive.

Vive is basically an on-demand app for getting a last-minute blowout very close to wherever you are (as long as you’re in NYC, but soon to be in a lot of other cities). All you do is enter your location and time window you’d like an appointment for and within 10 minutes you’ll receive a text with an appointment booked. 2016. What a time to be alive.

Our fav part about the app is not just that it’s easier to navigate than a Pokémon world (still don’t get it), but you can also pick the salon you prefer to go to. After using this app twice a week for three months I’ve been to a range of salons and the selection has ranged from “pretty legit salon” to “this is very upscale, how did I just book this 10 minutes ago?”

The way it works is: you buy a package for a Vive Plan of either 1, 5, or 10 blowouts—no monthly fee and they roll over month to month. Then you book your blowouts whenever you feel a frizz coming on.

So like, download it here, and you should probs use our discount code BETCHES20 to get $20 off your first package, just because you’re friends with us.

Thank us later.


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