Virtual Reality Is A Thing Now, Whether We Like It Or Not

Given that we’re not all geniuses when it comes to technology, you probably haven’t been reading tech blogs. But apparently virtual reality is now a huge thing, and it’s only a matter of time before we’re all in the Matrix. When we think of virtual reality, we think of shitty 90’s video games and the promise of a future where we can print pizza out of our computers.

You’ve seen Lil Wayne‘s Samsung commercials where he’s wearing virtual reality goggles (or whatever the fuck they’re called), right? Same thing—video game companies have managed to create pretty realistic systems, and they’re actually not that lame. Now people are starting to make films using virtual reality, and there’s even a company selling cameras you can film your own VR on. Imagine the possibility for celeb sex tapes! No, wait, don’t imagine it.

And since our minds are already in the gutter, yes, Rolling Stone points out in this article that VR is going to totally change porn. Great, because women don’t already have enough bullshit to deal with. But maybe porn companies can work out the kinks (lol kink) for us and then we can use it to create other fantasy virtual reality scenarios, such as being the first woman president or something.

Apparently, the technology is so real that you can actually feel your body temperature drop when the virtual sun goes down in it. Kind of like how when you think of the word salt you start to taste salt, or like when you think of your ex he suddenly shows up. So even though betches suck at technology, virtual reality seems to be something everyone’s going to be using pretty soon, and we’re not (that) mad. At least now we can finally achieve our dreams of marrying Ryan Gosling.


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