Wine Robot Will Blend The Perfect Glass Of Wine Based On Your Taste, Fuck Yes

The technology gods have answered our fucking prayers.

Like, honestly most betches aren’t wine snobs, because if it’s alcoholic and efficient in achieving a blackout, we will drink it. But it doesn’t mean that we aren’t partial to that one specific glass of wine that’s better than all others.



So if the heavens ever decide to smite us or some shit by torturing us with a rosé shortage in this cruel, cruel world, we will now have technology on our side to recreate that perfect of holy liquid. #Blessed.

The Vinfusion wine robot is a magical device that enables users to create a customized glass of wine. It’s basically a bunch of pipes, button, sensors and shit that miraculously produces wine from a connected tap. Perfect to sit below a bar or, you know, in your kitchen.

Next to all of the mechanical stuff is a tablet (think better version of an iPad because #wine). At this time, it’s only four types of red wine—Pinot Noir, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and muscat—but based on your preference for a smooth, full-flavored, spicy or sweet wine, the Vinfusion returns back to you a perfect glass of red wine.


This gadget is still in the prototype phase, but the company that produced it is hoping to sell it for some big time money to a commercial buyer.

Vinfusion geniuses: If you’ll accept my eternal gratitude as payment, I’ll be your buyer.

I volunteer


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