Literally Every Swimsuit From Victoria’s Secret Is Now On Sale

As we reported on a little while ago, Victoria’s Secret is getting rid of their swimwear. It’s a v. sad day because the VS Swim catalogue was always the marker of spring break and a reminder that nothing tastes as good as skinny feels. But unfortunately the economy is crashing and Trump is going to build a wall around our house, so VS was like, “sorry you can’t sit with us” to their swimwear line.

The time has come for everything to go on sale, though, and while we are v. sad about VS not producing any more cute-yet-affordable separates for us to wear while getting drunk in a swim-up bar in Cancun, we did find out that literally everything is on sale. EVERYTHING. Here’s a few of our fav looks that you can snag right now for half the price of a Brazilian wax. Tip to the wise, mix and match your pieces and go with solid colors if you don’t want to be caught wearing the same thing as other betches on the beach.

1. Flounce bandeau

This swim top doubles as an Outside Lands outfit. Amazing.

2. Banded Hottie Halter

It looks like a bra, but it’s shiner and strappier and too pretty to wear underneath clothes.

3. The Strappy Bandeau

I mean, black is always in. Those bottoms are killer too, but unfortunately already sold out.

4. Wrap Halter

This wrap halter makes everyone’s boobs look like Pamela Anderson’s. The wrap around makes you look skinny AF (or skinnier, sorry).

5. Classic High-Waist Bottoms

Trust us, you need a high-waisted bikini bottom. Just do it.



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