Another Day, Another Victoria’s Secret Photoshop Scandal

You’d think after years of insanely retouched magazine covers and ads, we’d realize that’s just how the world of modeling works. But nah. Retouching jobs still get everyone fucking heated. Well a few days ago the Photoshopping pros at Victoria’s Secret posted a pic of Martha Hunt, and everyone is losing their shit because her arms look smoother (??) than they do in workout selfie from her Insta.


vs. @dogpound @thelumagrothe

A photo posted by Martha Hunt (@marthahunt) on

Jesus Christ. I have a fucking migraine now because of the massive eyeroll I just gave that statement.

eye roll

Don’t get me wrong, excessive Photoshop is shitty. The last thing my pizza-eating ass needs is for VS to take their already skinny, gorg models and make them even hotter on a goddamn computer then tell me that’s what I should look like in an overpriced bra and panty set. No fucking thanks. But like, Martha Hunt’s arm looks the exact same. Maybe a little more ripped? But fucking barely. I mean, she’s still a rail, so I’m not really seeing the big drama here. Too many Real Housewives reunions has me jaded, I guess. Idk.

you're not fat

People are also freaking TF out because in the photo, it looks like MarHunt’s elbow is poking out on the other side of her model friend, which would give her the most freakishly long arm on the planet. LOL. That would actually pretty fucking hilarious. My body image is getting better just think about it.

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