Victoria’s Secret Fails To Sell New Line of Sports Bras Meant To Expose Your Boobs At The Gym

Victoria’s Secret solved the problem of the “Uniboob” in sports bras, but nobody cared…

The company is apparently struggling to sell its line of “Sexy” sports apparel, a line of bras specifically designed to show off your tits at the gym. The line was based off the idea that, as CEO Sharen Jester Turney said, the gym is a “fashion club.”  I mean, maybe this is true… if you’re one of those girls who tries way too fucking hard. Also, the “Sexy” sports bras range from offering “medium” to “minimal” protection, meaning that, while they will definitely show off your twins, they won’t hold them in when you’re actually breaking a sweat on the treadmill (unless you have like no boobs, but that’s a different conversation entirely). Victoria’s Secret, the gym is not a “fashion club.” It’s a place where we do work…the only work we do all day, in fact.  There’s already enough things that require putting in effort at the gym. No one wants to add making sure their boobs don’t pop out that list. Read article>>

Target gets rid of CEO

Following the massive breach of consumer data earlier this year, Target made the decision to get rid of CEO Gregg Steinhafel earlier this week. The company’s CFO, John Mulligan, will step in as CEO for the time being. Target’s data breach is said to be the largest ever experienced by a retailer and exposed the personal information of about 110 million shoppers. Not surprisingly, the breach made a pretty big dent in the company’s earnings, lowering sales and forcing the company to spend about $61 million trying to solve the problem. Target also reports that there have been no arrests made following the breach. Basically, the company is in the clear now, but there’s still a hacker out there watching, waiting, and coming to a store near you. Be ready. Read article>>

Black Milk clothing makes massive social media faux pas

Sunday, May 4th was Star Wars day. May the 4th be with you…get it? Yea, apparently nerds think they’re funny (side note: they’re not). Anyway, in honor of this day, the Australia-based company, Black Milk Clothing, posted a meme which was supposedly “incredibly offensive” to some of their fan base (who are apparently sensitive as fuck).  Instead of simply letting the shit-storm of negative comments blow over, Black Milk issued a response that basically said “stop being little bitches” and “be offended, we don’t give a shit”. They then continued to block some of the users leaving negative comments, resulting in the loss of several thousand followers and their less-than-tactful response being reported around the Internet. Since then, a number of websites have over-analyzed the situation and identified ways Black Milk could’ve responded better. TBH, their biggest mistake was giving enough of a shit to respond in the first place and, you know, having followers that really are sensitive little bitches. Sorry, no offense, but it’s true. Read article>>


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