Victoria Beckham Was Wasted When She Met Her Future Husband, Same

In this week’s celebrity romance history lesson: Posh Spice is all of us meeting a hot athlete at a party. If you haven’t already read the letter she wrote to her 18-year-old self, then please go read that instead of scrolling through Facebook. It’s phenomenal.

She and David met at a party for the Manchester United soccer team when she was famous and he was a JV scrub. Posh was halfway to blackout when she saw David standing with his family instead of chugging beers at the bar like the other players. That’s pretty impressive drunk decision-making that she went for the nice guy instead of one of the famous assholes. That might be the most important lesson Posh can teach us.

She and David started talking, she gave him her number, and he kept the piece of paper with her number for 17 years. That’s the 21st Century equivalent of screenshotting your first Tinder conversation with a former collegiate rugby player.

More importantly, Posh also gave us this incredible quote, which someone on Etsy she probably make into a wall plaque: “Yes, love at first sight does exist. Although you will get a little drunk, so exact details are hazy.”

Posh Spice


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