Victoria Beckham Hated Being Posh Spice

According to a recent profile on Victoria Beckham in French Vogue (which we can't read because it's in French, and despite what we tell our parents, #3 studying abroad in Paris failed to teach us the actual language), Posh Spice hated being Posh Spice.

Actually, the whole reason Posh seemed like she wanted you to fuck off at all times was because Vic had to invent a character, so she basically just invented how she was feeling, which was fucking miz about having to hang out with these other annoying girls all the time and pretend to be enthusiastic and pop star-y. “I had to invent a character and I thought of that: staring at people and pouting,” she said.

And remember how thrilled she looked to be performing at the Super Bowl or wherever they were recently when Vic looked mis and sang spoke like a total of 8 words? She says it wasn't until 2008 until she realized how much she hated it. Is anyone surprised she realized this AFTER a few years of having a solid solo career as David Beckham's hot wife and Anna Wintour's BFF? 

Honestly, everyone needs to stop giving her shit for not smiling. So what if her fuck off face is her only talent? She is still the most popular Spice Girl, so technically that means that her fuck off face is better than all the Spice Girls as whole people. Now that's a skill.

Source: The Cut


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