Victoria Beckham Says She’s an “Embarassing Mom,” Is Clearly Confused

Yesterday Victoria Beckham tweeted a picture that shows her kissing her son Brooklyn on the cheek. The caption reads, “Never too old for a kiss from mum” followed by “#embarrassingmummoment.” 

This picture is pretty cute and Brooklyn is only about two years away from becoming overtly sexualized by mainstream media, so I can understand why Victoria would want to cherish this moment. The only thing I’m questioning here is the word “embarrassing,” which is blatantly false when compared to other parents who are genuinely cringeworthy.

#embarssingmummoment might be used more appropriately to describe, let’s say, when Dina Lohan recently tweeted the 3 Doors Down music video “Here Without You” at 9 PM on a Saturday night. 

Or when Taylor Swift’s mom had zero chill when hanging out with her boyfriend Calvin Harris this past weekend.

Like seriously calm down, Mrs. Swift. It’s too much.

Regardless, a #embarassingmummoment is certainly not Ms. Beckham looking chic and skinny AF. Face it Victoria, you’re not a regular mom, you’re a cool mom. 


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