Verifiably Stupid: The Best of Twitter This Week

This week on Verifiably Stupid, celebs tweet ridiculous shit and we comment on it. The star of this week's column is Kendall Jenner, we here at Betches Love This can't get enough of her. She's born into fame, is way prettier than Kim (in our opinion) and isn't pushing 40. And according to her Twitter, her biggest problems are being too sleepy or feeling generally too 'comfy.' 


@KendallJenner…. If we hid your name, twitter handle, and picture but still uploaded this series of tweets people would probably question if these tweets came from James Holmes. Kendall, why so serious? How mean could people possibly be to both you and your sister? Are people sending anonymous hate messages, or perhaps commenting on your grammar? We know the feeling, but keep your head up. If all else fails, just take a nap, we promise you'll 'feal' better. 


He apparently moved on… 

@RobKardashian…. Your ass almost put you through the end of Dancing With the Stars, your right brain got you through the idea phase of Trendy Dress Socks, but we're really curious as to what you were thinking when you tweeted about going to USC. Was this a joke? Were you concerned that people were forgetting about your little Armenian bulldog face? Whatever it was, we must give you props for seeing one of your one of your ideas come to fruition, congrats on getting #RobKardashianDick nationally trending. ::golf clap:: 


@BretEastonEllis… Bret you are in no way stupid, seeing as we are big fans of yours, but how much can you really tweet about Matt Bomer being too gay to function play Christian Grey? We will try to explain your actions the only way we know how: Either you're channeling a Patrick Bateman rant (we agree Greatest Love of All was Whit's pièce de résistance) or you just did a shit ton of coke. 



@LadyGaga… No you don't worry Stefani! Thanks to a glass of warm milk and some Excedrin PM we were able to fall fast asleep last night knowing you were texting Anna Wintour all morning about your cover. I guess all those emoticons and extra exclamation points really did the job because look, there you are on the cover, channeling Ru Paul no less! But please tell us, does Anna ever say LOL? Or is she a 'haha' kind of gal. I see her more of the 'hah' passive agressive type, but then again you would know. 


@AudrinaPatridge…NO FUCKING WAY!!!!!!! 




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