Verifiably Stupid: Gaga Sends a HUGE Message

@LadyGaga… Gagagarossss! Your nervosa is making us uncomfortable. Who has posed like that since the daguerreotype era? Left looks like a death portrait and right…well the right one is just hard to evoke compassion. These look like they were taken in the back room of the TSA. Apparently it's okay to purge, just ask Katie Couric…

@KatieCouric… Katie has also recently admitted to “wrestling with bulimia” but Kurvy Katie has overcome her struggles and has joined forces with Demi Lovato and Lady GArGAntuan in her Body Revolution campaign to show everyone that big girls need lovin’ too.

But this tweet begs us to ask the question, are you also a big supporter of the amateur/immature porn industry, Katie? Because if even only 1% of Gaga's followers followed “suit” there would be approximately 300,000 little girls running around bleaching their anuses in preparation for a Gaga-inspired-Couric-encouraged “body revolution” photoshoot. Just saying.  

@DDlovato…Sorry, we meant Demetria Lovato…

Speaking of yo-yo dieters and debatable-talent competitions for the masses….

@KirstieAlley… Laughing won’t help your ass melt off, Kirstie. Keep on dancing, and maybe handsome men will be paying you compliments outside the Twittersphere.

@HaydenPanettier… Hayden P. knows how to keep off the lbs. Sucking on pickles is a betch’s best kept diet secret. It prepares you for the phallic girth hitting the back of your throat, thus ridding your gag reflex, honing your dick sucking skills and releasing a salty fluid not unlike sperm which is low calorie, flavorful and filling. Plus, larger friends always make you look better by comparison. Everyone needs one! Keep up the good work H!

@JenniWoww… Just look at Snooki- sucking on pickles landed that mess a husband and frankly, is that not the ultimate goal? Jenni followed in line and got Roger to put a ring on it… and buried beneath all the engagement announcement tweets and thank you’s to her well wishes, we found this gem. A hazy picture of her self-titled bronzing lotion reminding us that we’d rather be single than be a guidette.


The kat said it all…


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