Verifiably Stupid: The Best of Twitter This Week

Twitter is undoubtedly a culmination of everything happening worldwide from breaking news, to celebrity gossip and unfortunately, vapid musings. We decided to round up  some of the most insipid tweets as of recently, and though those targeted are easy ones, there’s a reason for such.

@ScooterBraun… Citizen Kane, Gone With the Wind, Mean Girls …all great films .  A Justin Bieber Music video? I don’t even think JB thinks that counts, Scoots. With that we leave you with this great website:

@KimKardashian…Has Khloe been farting on your pillow or something? Your eyes are looking a little pink, Kim. That bun may be wound up a bit too tight to think that sticking your tounge out is at all cute/silly or whatever you were going for here, but it does give a great opportunity to remind everyone that it’s been on Kanye’s balls.

@Paris Hilton….JIC you were wondering: 

Main Entry:           fun  [fuhn]  Show IPA
Part of Speech:   adjective
Definition:             good, happy
Synonyms:          amusing, boisterous, convivial, diverting,enjoyable, entertaining, lively, merry, pleasant,witty
Antonyms:           bad, sad, unfun, unhappy, woeful

@Oprah…Medea meets Buffalo Bill. Pretty!

@JessicaSimpson…What the fucking fuck?! Please don’t tell us you’re going to eat it. How many Weight Watchers points is a toenail?

@RyanLochte...A gold medal and rock hard abs don’t get you a tard pass, Lochte. And stop trying to make #JEAH happen! It’s not going to happen! Whatevs though, Happy Birthday tomorrow, want a broast for a birthday gift? You may get one. 

@Snooki… To our readers, the square is really a thumbs up. To Snooki, I just barfed up meatballs. While I'm barfing, check this out: Italian Massage


If you see any funny/stupid celebrities tweeting funny/stupid things feel free to screenshot that shit and send it our way!


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