Vegas Bouncer Won’t Let Hippos And Whales Into Hakkasan

What ever happened to the days of tasteful discretion? When some fuglies were subtley rejected at the doors without bouncers having to outright use creative nicknames for fat people with the term 'hippos' and 'whales'? Are large mammals the best we can do to put people down? If you're going to be a douchebag promoter asshole who gets erections off of who he lets into clubs, at least figure out some more creative fucking ways to do it. This loser clearly didn't get the memo after he sent this series of texts to a girl who attempted to get a Bachelorette party comped to Hakkasan in Vegas but was denied after she refused to send 15 individual screen shots to a random guy to probably jerk off to. Check it out, this is almost as good as the Comcast employee that practically wanted to fuck his high speed internet yesterday


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