Vanessa Hudgens Is Playing ‘Rizzo’ In ‘Grease Live’

Remember how amazing an inspiring Vanessa Hudgens‘ voice was in High School Musical? Remember hearing her lovely little mouse voice coming out of your TV and thinking, “Wow, I’d love to hear more of that!” Oh, you don’t? You actually distinctly remember Vanessa Hudgens’ voice being bad? Oh wait you straight up can’t remember who Vanessa Hudgens is because she hasn’t done anything since she licked James Franco’s face in Spring Breakers?

Well, somebody out there remembered her and whoever that person was also thought, “What is something that no person on earth would be interested in seeing and how can I get it to be aired live on television?”

And thus, dear betches, Grease Live! starring Vanessa Hudgens as Rizzo was born. Will this be good? Almost certainly not. Will it be amazing? Fuck yes it will be. Am I going to watch and live tweet every second of it? Of course I fucking am.

Until then, here is a promo image of this monstrosity for you to view and get excited/nauseous until opening night.




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