Vanessa Hudgens Is In Trouble for Writing on a Rock

Vanessa Hudgens posted a super cute Valentine’s Day pic with her BF Austin Butler. Plot twist, her love fest at Coconino National Forest could result in federal charges against the actress. I mean, if you consider what she does acting.

The post has been removed from social media, now. But the technology geniuses at TMZ were able to capture a screenshot before it was pulled down. Impressive, we know.

Allegedly, Hudgens and/or Butler scratched “Austin+Vanessa” into a heart in the rock formations. That’s a no-no. Hudgens is being investigated for “damaging natural surfaces or property of the United States”. That charge carries a penalty of up to $5,000 or 6 months in jail. Maybe both! Who knows how these things work?

I mean, it was a cute idea, but not $5,000 and jail time worth of a cute idea. 


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