Vanessa Hudgens Carved Her Name Into A National Monument Like A Fucking Idiot

Vanessa Hudgens—the girl whose only career highlight in the past five years has been her appearances at Coachella—is being fined for vandalism. Considering her relatively calm PG-13 transition away from Disney Channel, this isn’t a huge fuck-up compared to other child stars. Like, it was dumb, but not abandoning a monkey dumb.

The former Mrs. Zac Efron was on a Valentine’s Date with her bf and decided to carve a heart into a rock in Sedona, Arizona, AKA she took “do it for the Insta” a little too far. This is not news, but the fine that she was just recently awarded is. She’s being charged with breaking a federal law that prohibits vandalizing a national park. Call me crazy, but this is not exactly a hard law to follow. Like, even if you didn’t realize this was actually illegal, it’s not hard to gather that it’s at the very least frowned upon, as evidenced by the fact that, I don’t know, they don’t exactly hand you an X-Acto knife on your Sedona tour and tell you to go to town? It should be common fucking sense. Also, how basic do you have to be to think that the world really needs to memorialize your half-baked relationship with the boyfriend you’re not going to be with anymore in like, six month’s time?

This angry Twitter person summed it up pretty well:


Wow, Vanessa. If you’re going to pay a $1,000 fine, you could at least pay it for decent-looking graffiti, not these scribbles. Whatever, I’m not that upset that she has to spend her crop top budget to pay this fine. More for me.



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