UT San Antonio Has An Entire Class On ‘Lemonade’ So We’re All Moving To Texas

From American Idol finally ending to Kim K. ruining TSwift’s life on Snapchat, 2016 has given us some pretty solid pop culture shit to talk about. But there’s no gift that even comes close to the iconic-ness that is Beyoncé’s Lemonade. And don’t even try to argue with me on this one because I will destroy you like Bey did that car with her fucking baseball bat, kapeesh? Sorry. I suffer from rage blackouts. Anyways, the University of Texas at San Antonio agrees with me because they’re now offering an entire class on the queen and her legendary visual album. Holy shit, is it too late for me to go back to college?

While learning the routines and trying to figure out who tf Becky with the good hair really is sounds fascinating, the class focuses on way more important shit like the societal relevance of Lemonade and how it pertains to feminism and black womanhood. Damn, that’s actually really legit. The betchy professor that developed and is teaching this genius course has told students that it’s not going to be easy, and they’re actually going to have to fucking try. But like, I’d definitely pay WAY more attention to a discussion on Beyoncé and feminism than I would O-Chem or something useless like that. Fucking duh. The teacher also made it known that you don’t have to be a part of the Bey-hive to succeed in the class, but tbh, if you want to succeed at having friends and just life in general, you probably should be. All hail Queen Bey.



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