Usher’s Birthday Was Better Than Yours

We bet you Usher’s birthday this year was better than your sweet sixteen. That’s because for his birthday, the Obamas sang happy birthday to him in the White House. If this is our answer to the 1950’s Marilyn and JFK birthday song, we’ll take it. Though we don’t really believe Usher’s getting older because he’s still the baby faced dance machine from “U Got It Bad” days, it seems.

Usher was visiting the first family to perform for them, and then this happened.

If you want proof of the Illuminati, here it is. As soon Usher blew the candle out, the cupcake was whisked away never to be seen again. Aka none of these people eat, ever, because they’re lizard people (or what is it that Illuminati enthusiasts believe again?) and that’s how they stay forever young/cool/better than you.

Usher captioned his post: “So this really happened the other night…… The President and First Lady sang me Happy Birthday at The White House & I got to perform for them. I couldn’t be more grateful for this moment and all of the birthday wishes from everyone. THANK YOU!!!!! ‪#‎Blessed‬ ‪#‎OlderWiser” and this is the only instance where #Blessed was actuallly appropriate to use.


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