Urban Outfitters Is In Hot Shit After Photoshopping A Thigh Gap On Their Underwear Model

Apparently in the UK they have nothing to do with their time over the holiday season, which maybe explains why everyone was up in arms about Urban Outfitters shittily photoshopping a ridiculous thigh gap onto one of their underwear models. So much so that somebody actually filed a complaint with the Advertising Standards Agency, rather than doing what most of us would’ve done and posted about their outrage on Facebook in the hopes it might go viral. People are so upset because they think this image is “harmful” and it promotes unrealistic beauty standards, blah blah blah. A few things.

·         The thigh gap is like so 2013, nobody cares if your thighs touch anymore (that means you too, Bey)

·         If you honestly can look at that image and not immediately think somebody went a little too crazy with the eraser tool in MS Paint, you have a lot bigger problems than being susceptible to images of “harmful” body types. Seriously, how could anyone with at least half a brain not know right away that was photoshopped (albeit horribly)?

·          Urban Outfitters is in the news for some scandal or another like, every other week at this point and you should honestly know what you’re in for if you’re still shopping there. If you want to not be morally offended by a brand, Urban is just not it. You could try Sears.


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