‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ Season 2 Just Got Even Betchier

If you haven’t watched Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt or don’t know WTF I’m talking about then you should just leave now and dedicate the rest of your day to watching season 1 of Tina Fey’s fucking hilarious show before you continue reading this.

Welcome back. And to those of you who never left, thank you for having your priorities in order. Anyway. Now that season 2 is almost here (tomorrow!!), we’re getting more previews of what’s to come. Take for instance, this clip of Anna Camp as New York housewife Deirdre Robespierre, a Princeton grad and a fucking magician at backhanded compliments.

In the clip, Jacqueline Voorhees (played by Jane Krakowski) sits down with Deirds on some bench in Manhattan as Dierds sips on a glass of Pinot Grig. After perfectly commenting on her out-dated Birkin, Jacqueline says “Oh Dierdre! I can never tell if you’re trying to help me or hurt me” and the two laugh hysterically like a bunch of well-groomed maniacs. It’s fucking perfect, and if won’t get you excited for all season 2 I don’t know what will.


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