Can We Stop With The Ugly Christmas Sweaters and Elf on the Shelf

It’s like literally Christmas, finally. I love being festive and posting betchy snap stories like everyone else, but honestly there are a few things are really pissing me off lately—ugly sweaters and elf on a shelf. Like can everyone please stop?

First, “ugly Christmas sweaters”. So this whole thing started out because way back in the day our grandmas used to give us sweaters as gifts that they thought were nice, but all of us as baby betches knew they were ugly AF. And now all the basics and the hipsters have really just gone too far with these “ironic” parties. And honestly, it’s not cute anymore. Like honestly, yuck.

Second, “Elf on a Shelf”. Now I know this like used to be thing in the olden days, but when did it become a thing for anyone under 25? Like when did it become the “cute” insta staple that it is now? I am so sick of seeing all the “Elf on a Shelves”. Please do not include any of these things in your “Hi, I’m being so cute with the fam” pics today and tomorrow. #basic

Merry Christmas Betches!   


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