Uber Will Pick You Up In A Helicopter In France

Uber, the private driver app that is basically choking the global taxi industry to death, has now expanded its services to include helicopter rides.

UberCOPTER is launching for the Cannes Film Festival in the south of France, and will be available in Nice and Cannes from May 13 to 24.

For a cool 160 euros, you can get someone to come pick you up, take you to the nearest helipad, and then fly you by helicopter to your destination (or at least the nearest helipad there, and then the subsequent drive). 

First of all, are there really that many helicopters and helipads available? What if like half of the film festival-goers decide to arrive this way? Will there not be traffic in the sky?

What about price surges if there is too much demand? You know you’re a real baller when you can get a helicopter to the afterparty after the last movie ends and everyone wants a helicopter to the afterparty.

I sincerely hope that this endeavor is a great success and that Uber makes UberCOPTER an option for its services worldwide. Just imagine the next time you're on your phone, waiting to be connected to an Uber car. It's taking forever, there's a high demand… “Fuck it, let's just go by chopper.”



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