Tyra Banks Will Do Whatever It Takes To End The “Supermodel War”

If you follow Kendall Jenner or Gigi Hadid on any form of social media, you’ve received your invitation for the world’s worst pity party. As millionaire models, KenGi has faced significant adversity on their way to Chanel fashion shows: Older models are mean to them. Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere.

Rebecca Romijn (the former Mrs. John Stamos) and Stephanie Seymour (mom of the real life Chuck Bass, Peter Brant) talk a lot of shit about Kendall and Gigi not being true supermodels because their parents were celebrities and they have millions of Instagram followers. Stephanie called them “bitches of the moment”—that’s like, way harsh Tai. As important as a has-been’s opinion is, I think KenGi is going to be absolutely fine with their new Marc Jacobs and Max Mara campaigns.

Well, Tyra Banks can’t handle this ~drama~. I don’t know what motherhood has done to her, but somehow she went from “I only have one photo in my hand” to baking a cake full of rainbows and smiles.

Tyra posted to both Twitter and Instagram—bold—to talk about how she plans to fight “the supermodel war.” If that’s not the title to at least one porn film, I would be shocked.

Her Insta caption featured some sad spoken word poetry: “When she sees women that are sisters having conflict, she must be bold. She must be unafraid. She must speak out. And she must do it today. And I will. Get ready.” That feels like a threat, but okay.

The best part of Tyra deciding she will single handedly save the modeling world from evil and petty bitches (too late honey) was that she tweeted: “This supermodel war is raging and it’s really tearing me apart. I wanna quote Rodney King so badly right now.”

Yeah, I can see how you’d want to quote Rodney King at a time like this, because getting brutally beaten by the cops, having all those cops get acquitted despite video evidence, and having said acquittal trigger race riots is TOTALLY the same thing as a few beautiful, rich people low-key throwing shade at each other in interviews, and then taking it all back afterwards. SURE. 

Maybe Ms. J can stop this America’s Next Top Best Friend shit before Tyra takes it too far. 


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