The Types Of Girls In Every Bridal Party

We’ve all been there and if you haven’t been there you either have no friends or you’ll be there soon: wedding season. And no, spelling it like “SZN” doesn’t make it any better. The moment you see the Snapchat of the engagement ring, you know that you’re in for another round of bridal showers, dress shopping, bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinners, weddings, and drowning your fear of dying alone in free alcohol blackouts. But more importantly, it’s another round of dealing with your bestie’s shitty friends at the bridesmaid events.

It’s a universal truth of life that the only thing that will keep a bridal party from cracking under the pressure is more Champagne than what sank with the Titanic. But even with an alcohol IV, the personality types in bridesmaid groups are a fucking social experiment. If you don’t have firsthand experience (and don’t pull the “I have guy friends not female friends because I can’t stand the drama” bullshit—we all know that’s code for you’re bat shit crazy) imagine the first week of America’s Next Top Model with 14 girls in an enclosed space competing for a more successful girl’s love and attention.

Anyway, we all know the pain so watch this video and bitch about the different types of girls that you’ll be in a bridal party with.

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