We Need To Talk About Tyga’s New Song

A new song by Tyga called Pleazer just got released, and it's basically about him and Kylie Jenner having super illegal sex. Here are some really subtle lyrics:

I hit her
She backwards
Lickin' her asshole
My dick is the password
T nasty, 'bout to catch a felony for it
Get it? Just stuck that Kardashian pussy
Business-minded, but most of all she nasty for me

As great as it is to know more details about Tyga and Kylie's sex lives, Khloe Kardashian must be so proud, this stanza will be testimony in the inevitable statutory rape lawsuit. Staying true to form, Tyga and Kylie have kept dropping hints about whether or not they're together. Kylie posted a SnapChat video of her driving and listening to the song. Then Tyga tweeted “Pleazer is 2 years old. It still bangs tho.”

Pleazer isn't the only thing that still bangs apparently. Just for the record, if this song is 2 years old, then they were having sex when Kylie was 15. Kylie and Tyga are making Kim's sex tape look like a middle school science project.




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