Tyga’s Ex Throws Shade At Kylie Jenner

As we've discussed, Tyga and Kylie Jenner are dating, but Tyga's ex-gf is not happy about it. Blac Chyna – as in “black china”, because god forbid anyone in this love triangle have an actual human name – and Tyga have a two year old son together and were previously engaged. So Kylie Jenner is a minor dating a baby daddy. I guess bitch stole Khloe Kardashian's look. Black, which has to be her stripper alias, posted a pic to Instagram from their son's second birthday with the caption “my fam…” Quick Question: why wasn't stepmom-to-be Kylie included? This is some awkward social media shade because nobody knows who the fuck Blac Chyna is, but she still thought she could bitch out Kylie. Lol, good effort even though she clearly is unaware of the Kardashian/Jenner media monopoly. So settle in betches, this is going to be a seriously entertaining train wreck of a love triangle.




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