Tyga Says He And Kylie Are (Probably) Never Ever Getting Back Together

Kylie Jenner and Tyga broke up last week, and while the rest of us were breathing a sigh of relief that the bizarre Kardashian incest was over, Tyga gave the most real interview of all time. He was in LAX and a reporter got some answers.

The party line of why Tyga and Kylie broke up is “we’re both just focused on our individual lives right now,” which sounds like what girls say after their high school boyfriends break up with them right before freshman year of college. I agree that Kylie should focus on growing her makeup empire, but does Tyga really need to focus more on making music nobody listens to?

For anybody who was emotionally involved in this relationship (please get help), Tyga still loves Kylie. Maybe the timing just wasn’t right, and they’ll rekindle their romance at Blac Chyna and Rob’s wedding. Probably not tho. That being said, Tyga has been the most adult about the whole situation. Unlike Khloé, who bitches about Rob’s new relationship on national TV, Tyga is happy for Rob and Chyna and thinks “everybody should have an opportunity at love.” Does that sound like he rehearsed it with his publicist for a couple hours? Yes. Does that make it any less mature? No.

But at this point, any interview discussing Tyga and Kylie’s relationship is just a victory lap for Blac Chyna.


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