Tyga Gave Kylie A Promise Ring, LOL Good One

All summer Kylie Jenner’s been spotted sporting a massive diamond on the ring finger of her left hand. As we all know she’s been dating the almost okay rapper Tyga and at 19, pretty much everyone was speculating whether the ring signified the unfortunate engagement of the pair. How long had they even been together? Was Kylie pregnant? Wait, hold up, how did Tyga even afford that thing? Didn’t his car just get repossessed?

Well breathe a sigh of relief because there’s still a chance Kylie could make it out of this relationship without an illegitimate child and only her saved snaps to remember it by. The giant ring Kylie’s been wearing is what she calls a promise ring.


Day 2

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Late last week Kylie posted a snap of her hand on Tyga’s (his own giant diamond ring in tow…literally stop) with the caption “If this is my promise ring I wanna know what my engagement gonna look like”.

Horrible grammar and spelling aside, her silly little “promise” to to be with Tyga forever (get real) has the Internet wondering, not for the first time, how the fuck did Tyga afford such a giant diamond? Literally, he has one hit that came out in fucking 2011. Did she buy it for herself? Wouldn’t be surprised considering she buys everything else: his car, his relevance in the media, his career…

Can’t wait until she realizes how hot she is and gets tired of his gold digging ways or just realizes she shares a step child with her half brother. Still concerned why that isn’t a bigger deal to her but, like, if Kylie Jenner didn’t make decisions what would I have to write about?


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