There Are Two Types of People In The World: Betchy Edition

It’s often said that there are two types of people in the world, and tbh for a lot of betches that’s one type too many. We do of course have our differences though, especially when it comes to a lifestyle choice as polarizing as whether you prefer Backstreet Boys or N’Sync. Here are the two types of betches in the world, so like, which one are you?

Always down to take a tequila shot or fucking hates tequila

All black everything or all black most things

wear something black

SoulCycle or Flywheel

Serena or Blair

blair waldorf crazy bitch

Allergic to gluten or sometimes pretends to be

Has perfected the messy bun or will never be truly happy

Would take a bullet for Beyoncé or just really likes her

Beyonce Lemonade

Uber or Lyft

Annie or Hallie

I have class and you don't

Blacks out regularly or just on special occasions

Kendall or Kylie

kendall and kylie

Jeans or Leggings

Has used dating apps at any point or has faith in humanity

Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi

Diet coke

Nickelodeon or Disney Channel

Burrito or bowl

Jess or Dean

Jess Gilmore Girls

Always has gum or is always asking for gum

Adidas or Sketchers

Still or sparkling

sparkling water

Orders a scooped-out bagel or is someone I’d enjoy getting a bagel with

Thinks Justin Bieber is a fuck-up or is actively trying to date him

Iced coffee in the summer or iced coffee every day of the year

Nancy Botwin iced coffee

Bars or clubs

iPhone 6 or iPhone 7

Honey boo boo iphone

That’s basically it! We hope you learned a lot about yourself from this eye-opening exercise and if you couldn’t relate to either answer then you’re probably not a betch so bye. 


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