Twitter’s Expanding The Character Limit So You Have More Room To Bitch

Twitter is like the internet’s most populated city (which makes Facebook feel like a crappy vacation spot—and don’t forget the ghost town, MySpace.) Now, you no longer have to censor what you’re projecting into the hustle and bustle of the ever-bumbling Twitter, because the longer tweet is finally here. That’s right, Twitter is expanding its character limit.

As a betch, you know how important crafting the perfect Tweet is. You need to be witty without being obnoxious; you need to find the perfect GIF to accompany your Tweet, further displaying the emotions you simply cannot express through words.

Gone are the days where we had to worry about pictures, GIFs, polls, videos, and most importantly, QUOTED TWEETS taking up valuable tweet space. Now you’re free to bitch to the full 140-character limit capacity, no holds barred. Why it took so long for Twitter to make the update baffles me, but whatever. We’ve made it.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey also reported that eventually, tweets will be expanded to 10,000 characters, which IMO is too damn long. If I wanted to read about your sad, uneventful life that badly, I’d check your Facebook, or worse, your blog. We hope the day of what we’re calling “novel-length tweets” never comes.

Go forth and prosper in the world of longer tweets (without being annoying, please.) 


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