“Trumping” Is The New Makeup Trend You Have To Try

Betchy actress Tess Paras of The CW’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has come up with a new beauty trend that makes clown contouring look like a pretty good idea. It’s called “Trumping”, and in case you have no fucking sense of humor, it’s a joke. Fitting. Anyway, Tess made a mockup video tutorial on how to achieve this Donald Trump-inspired look.

Tess suggests using a shade of concealer called “Veiled White Supremacy” or anything that makes you look dehydrated—which is a commendably accurate portrayal of Trump’s skin situation. So fucking thirsty amirite?!

The other best part is the suggestion to make your lips look like a “chapped asshole.”

Again, Perfect. Oh, then she puts Cheetos on her face. Normally, ew gross why do you have Cheetos? Were they just like, lying around? But in this case, kudos to Tess and her political statements. You go Tess.

Watch the whole video below. Warning: may cause incoherent babbling, penis jokes, and overt racism.

PS we’re fucked. 


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