Fight Breaks out at Trump Event, Finally Some Entertainment

My first question regarding this whole presidential election thing, is why isn’t E! doing some kind of Trump-Takes-Washington special? What do we need to do to make that happen? I mean really, we have all suffered through enough episodes of Khloe and Kourtney getting their anuses waxed to deserve that. E! get on your shit.

However, maybe E! is just worried their rating would suffer at the hands of like actual news, because Trump seems to be bringing the reality wherever he goes these days. First, the whole “lets ban Muslims from coming to America” thing and now an actual fight has finally broke out at one of his events.

So you know how Trump is so classy and understated? Well at his latest Vegas rally, there were a few protestors and of course they were dragged out kicking and screaming and while that was happening the trump supporters were classy enough to shout some racial slurs. You know, just a typical day on the Trump campaign. Oh and I forgot to mention that Trump thought it was hilarious that people were literally being dragged out of his event, and took credit for “staging it”. #ClassyAF



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