Trend Alert: The Banana Leaf Print

We are seriously OBSESSED with the Banana leaf print trend right now. The print that was made iconic by the chic Beverly Hills hotel that it adorns the walls of is now available for your phone, thanks to us.

The “Martinique,” or just banana leaf print, as normal humans call it, has literally been everywhere. We’ve seen the queens, like Beyonce and J.Lo, wrapped in it, and let the princesses, like Shay and Selena, slay in this adorable print.

The print goes beyond just fashion and can be seen on pillows, couches, rugs, and walls. But we want you to be able to take the brilliant, green print with you wherever you go.

Since the only thing that is going to be blowing up more than your phone in the next couple months is this print, it’s only right that Betches pave the way for this trend in our own unique way. It’s our favorite phone case yet, and one that will protect the phones of everyone who has ever listed “Guy in Bar – DO NOT PICK UP” as a contact in their phone. We call it the Leaf Me Alone.

The phone comes in iPhone 5/5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S5 and you can buy it now on for $30.

We’ll leaf you to it. 


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